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Unitrans Parcel Insurance Services, Inc.’s (UPIS) policy is truly the best policy for high value cargo. What makes our policy the best are the following items.
  • The policy is written for each of our clients. This means our clients have a "Certificate of Insurance" directly from our under writer.

  • Zero Deductible is in writing on the certificate. This means neither UPIS nor you have to pay out of pocket incase there is a loss. The insurance company pays the amount you insured it for Invoice Value, not Replacement cost.

  • Our policy makes your company the "Insured/Loss Payee". This means incase of a loss, the check is made payable to you and mailed to you directly. The check is not made to UPIS.

  • Terms, Conditions, Exclusions of the policy. These are stated on our policy in plain language to read and understand.

  • The certificate also has the world's largest insurance company's Vice President's name and number. Even though we have been in business for 20 years, it is a peace of mind to have a Certificate with all these details on it.

Many other consolidators call themselves insurance facilitators. They get a policy which makes them the Insured/Loss payee. They know all the details of the policy, and in order to protect themselves and cut rates, they write an agreement for you to agree before you ship a package. To stay competitive in the market, we all know deductible controls the price. Just like your car, if you have a high deductible, you pay low premium. It's because you don’t have their policy they usually have high deductible per package and high annual aggregate deductible, which no one knows about. UPIS does not work this way. We do not have an agreement. As mentioned above we issue a certificate, not an agreement.

The easiest way to know which company you can trust, just look for few clues.
  • The insurance license number on their business card. This is not a business license number. Look for insurance license number.

  • A certificate of insurance which makes you the Insured/Loss Payee.

  • In writing you have to have Zero or $100.00 deductible. (The carrier pays the first $100.00)

  • At this point then you are ready to shop for rates.

UPIS's unique policy and the integrity of the insurance providers have earned us an excellent reputation over time. We are a proud member of Better Business Bureau with outstanding performance. However, over the years our growth has depended on our ethical conduct, professional service, and prompt attention to our clients needs. More importantly UPIS's clients save with a piece of mind.