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  • All parcels must be double boxed.
  • Parcels over $15,000 in value must be in Large Fedex box. Medium into Large. Please make sure the medium box does not move around inside.
  • All second day service parcels must be in Large Fedex boxes as well.
  • Do not declare value to Fedex.
  • Do not mention to any Fedex employee of the commodity you are shipping. If asked, just say marketing material.
  • Please make sure the label is legible. If it has bar codes make sure you stick it on the box properly without any over laps. If its hand written please make sure the last copy is legible for the scan. If for any reason Fedex has to re create the label, make sure you see DIRECT SIGNATURE REQUIRED (DSR) on the label.
  • If you miss the cut off time at Fedex. Do not drop your box that night. The box must be shipped the following day.
  • Labels should be securely taped on box. We recommend you to use labels with adhesive so you can peel and stick the label. If you must use a regular piece of paper and a pouch. Please make sure to secure the pouch on the box with see through shipping tape. The adhesive behind the pouch is not good enough. Also place a piece of tape on the opening of the pouch so label does not come off.
  • No precious names such as Gold, Diamond, Jewelry, Watch, Pearls or etc is allowed on the label.
  • Handwrite the tracking number on the box with a permanent marker.
  • Small Jewelry boxes and watch boxes are not considered as the first box. Always use small into medium for next day service $100 to $10,000 and use medium into Large Fedex box for values over $15,000: For second day service the outside (second box) must be large.
  • All parcels must be either dropped off or picked up by Fedex employees. The insurance starts when the package gets scanned. (Do not leave parcel at counters without a scan).
  • Fedex drop boxes are not covered.
  • Do not ship to P.O. Box addresses.
  • If you make a label and e mail it to your client, please make sure the shipper reads the shipping guidelines before they ship.

INSURANCE COVERAGE: (Industry related common terms & conditions).
  • Parcels are insured from point “A” to point “B”. Once the parcel is signed by point B the liability terminates.
  • Contact name is irrelevant. Carrier companies do not ask for the person on the label. They do not check ID either. Carriers look for delivery address. Delivery is complete when the parcel is delivered and signed by anyone at the delivery address.
  • SIGNATURE REQUIRED: All parcels must have DSR direct signature required marked on the label. If your parcel is C.O.D. then you do not have to mark DSR since the driver will look for a person who will hand over a check for the parcel.
  • SIGNATURE RELEASE OR VERBAL RELEASE: If the consignee address has a release, the carrier company will drop off the parcel according to the release. The insurance company is not liable for any release created by the recipient’s address.
  • C.O.D. SHIPMENTS: The insurance company will pay C.O.D. claims if Fedex driver made an error. Example: If you asked for secure and they picked up a personal check or if they picked up the wrong amount. However, the insurance company will not honor fraud. Example: Fake checks or NSF checks.
  • FRAUD: The insurance company will not honor claims due to fraud. Any type of credit card fraud, or suspicious activity.
  • MISTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE (MD): When a parcel gets delivered and signed for, then they realize there is shortage or the entire goods are missing. Almost all policies without a doubt this types of losses are excluded. Our policy will honor if we can prove the loss occurred during transit. We are going to need the original box and all other items. We also need the shippers and the recipient’s video footage.
  • TRACKING: We track every parcel insured by us. Therefore, after couple of attempts if your recipient is not available, we will ask Fedex to return the package back to shipper, at shippers cost. Please inform your clients when they are suppose to receive the parcel, so someone can sign for it at the time of delivery.
  • HOTEL/MOTEL AND CONVENTION CENTERS: Hotel room numbers or show booth numbers are temporary addresses. Therefore, when a parcel gets delivered to shipping receiving or the physical address, (the building) the insurance liability terminates. Carriers usually have their own booths inside the show building.

LIABILITY:The insurance company will pay lesser of insured amount or replacement cost. Example: If you insured an item for $3000.00 and the item is worth or replaced by a higher amount then the insurance company will only pay maximum of what you insured.
For policy limits and all other information please refer to your insurance certificate. If you have any question please feel free to e mail at or feel free to call my cell 21-494-0320.